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Nominated for an ENnie!

The Epic Game Manual has been nominated in the Best Rules category for the Ennie Awards - a fan-based celebration of excellence in tabletop roleplaying games. We couldn't be more thrilled and owe it all to you.

Better Than Ever!

The Mark III Revision of the Game Manual features new roll-based skill advancement, integrated damage rolls and more tweaks. Head on over to the info page for more details.

Rave Reviews

Epic RPG is a great game, but don't take our word for it. Read reviews from industry insiders and gamers down in the trenches. Here are some excerpts:

"Holy hell, what a game." -

"...for some folks it may just be the Holy Grail that they've been searching for." -


Welcome to Epic Role Playing

Combat is deadly. Magic is rare. Where you come from is important. Heroes are born only in the moment when terrifying risk meets overwhelming need. Epic Role Playing is an immersive, campaign-oriented, fantasy RPG: intense and fast-paced tactical combat, six innovative branches of magic, and culturally based character development.

The Epic RPG Forum

Visit our forum to read breaking and archived
news, as well as opinions, updates, and upcoming releases from the guys at Epic Role Playing. The forum is also a great place to weigh in and check out conversation and input between the designers, Game Masters and players in the ever-growing Epic RPG community.

Epic RPG was designed by gamers, for gamers, to offer gripping, gritty and heroic opportunities for the taking. Read the FAQ for details about the game, or go directly to our online store to buy Epic Role Playing products.





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